Tom Adams Finery Trousers

Color: Black
Size: S

Whether it’s a critical business presentation, a night out in the city, or just another day where you want to be at your best, these trousers will have your back. They don’t just hang; they hug, they highlight, and they herald the presence of a man who knows his worth.
  • Cotton softness meets polyester resilience
  • Enhance confidence with every wear
  • Contours perfectly, highlighting your stature
  • From business to leisure, always standout
  • Quality, elegance, and confidence in one
Size Waist Size (cm/inch) Length (cm/inch) Hip (cm/inch)
S 85/33.5 108/42.5 104/41
M 89/35 110/43.5 108/42.5
L 93/36.5 112/44 112/44
XL 97/38 114/45 116/45.5
XXL 103/40.5 116/45.5 122/48
3XL 109/43 118/46.5 128/50.5

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